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Why choose plastic inspection Wells in road construction?

2020-9-8 9:04:38

Why choose plastic inspection Wells in road construction?

(1) Plastic inspection Wells can be directly used in engineering construction. Construction is simple, construction speed is fast. The construction volume of plastic inspection Wells is about 20:1 compared with the same period. The labor cost of construction is much lower than that of brick Wells. Traditional inspection Wells, but brick Wells must be built manually on site and are highly susceptible to weather and climate. Therefore, the use of plastic inspection Wells can greatly shorten the construction period.

(2) Plastic inspection Wells have strong corrosion resistance and tightness. Typically, polymer composites are used that do not leak, but brick Wells are prone to leaks.

(3) The inner wall of the plastic inspection well pipe is smooth and smooth, no blockage, it is very convenient to clean, and the daily maintenance cost is low

(4) The plastic inspection well uses new polymer materials, and the service life is generally more than 50 years, while the service life of the brick well is only about 10 years.

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