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HDPE hollow wound pipe

HDPE hollow wound pipe

Shandong Xiangpeng Industry and trade Co., LTD
2023-8-8 2916

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Product Introduction:

Hollow wound pipe is a kind of high density HDPE as raw material, through the first extrusion and then wound to form pipe. It is an ideal borehole for inspection Wells. The inlet pipe can be installed in any position of the shaft by opening a hole, and the length of the shaft can be determined according to the depth of the buried well seat during construction

Product features:

Chemical corrosion resistance: not by acid, alkali, salt erosion, no rust, no scale.

Long service life: material aging of about 110 years, pipe design life of 50 years.

Strong impact resistance: below freezing point still has a good impact resistance, better than UPVC, PP and other materials.

◆ Light weight: the density of polyethylene is less than 1g/cm3, convenient loading and unloading, transportation and installation.

The water resistance coefficient is low: n-0.008-0.009, the general design takes 0.001, and the concrete pipe N-0.013-0.014, compared with the same caliber pipe. Increased flow and speed.

◆ Good wear resistance: wear resistance is far better than concrete pipe, better than UPVC, PP and other pipes.

◆ Easy connection: two-way socket connection, convenient and fast.

◆ Environmental protection products: do not pollute the environment.

◆ Smooth: smooth pipe wall is easy to backfill, fast construction, stable quality.

◆ Low comprehensive cost: small water resistance, large flow, can reduce the size, the use of small diameter pipe. Low engineering costs, low daily maintenance costs.

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