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Plastic manhole cover

Plastic manhole cover

Shandong Xiangpeng Industry and trade Co., LTD
2015-5-7 15:09:01 31

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1, convenient production: just the configuration of steel fiber and concrete into the plastic mold, vibration molding can be, short demoulding cycle, small investment, low labor intensity. 2, high compressive strength: Heavy type cover can pass through the trailer 80 tons, and the joint is flat, the vehicle rolling without damage, no slipping, no turning, no noise. 3, beautiful and generous: the use of injection mold, concrete products cover smooth, lightweight. 4, according to different customers can be made into: municipal, postal, telecommunications, electric power and other special micro standards, but also for the production enterprise production factory name and telephone.
5, low production cost, easy procurement of raw materials.

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